Vintage Gypsy Bunting Flags Printable & Clip Art


These amazing graphics are actually older than vintage, they are antique from the 1700’s! So they are super old and very unique German embroidery designs for bunting flags. There’s a stock vector version, printable pdf and the decorative ornaments just by themselves without coloring if you’d like to make your own design with them and add more texture, etc. They are commercial use and public domain, so feel free to use them in your craft projects to sell or for home use.


Download Vintage Gypsy Bunting Flags Printable & Clip Art

JPEG Download | PNG Download | Stock Vector | Printable PDF

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  1. SherryD says:

    These are wonderful! I can imagine using them to make a banner for a princess themed tea party for my grand-daughter. I also collect antique embroidery patterns so it’s a double treat. thanks much!

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