Vector Ornaments and Dividers Clip Art Set


Here’s another fabulous vector ornaments & dividers clip art set that’s great for t-shirt art, embellishing cards, bookmarks, ATC work. There are JPEG, PNG and vectors for this one. You are free to use these vintage images in your commercial design work.

Did you know that you can open and edit the PDF version in Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator? Enjoy these useful resources and please do share your creations. We’d love to see them!

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Download Vector Ornaments and Dividers Clip Art Set

JPEG Download | PNG Download | Stock Vector | PDF Download

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  1. Angela says:

    Thank you very much

  2. Jamie W. says:

    I truly appreciate your wonderful graphics and the fact that they’re available in jpeg format. However, I’d love to know how to open and process vector files. It seems are though there are tons of programs which are listed to open them, but I don’t know which to download. I have a Mac computer. Can you point me in the right direction to get started? Thanks so much!

  3. OhSoNifty says:

    Hi Jamie. You could use Illustrator, which is a very expensive program that’s part of the Adobe Suite. The newest versions of adobe products is a monthly subscription base. Here’s a link to the CC version which requires a monthly fee.

    Here’s a link to the non-subscription based software version CS6.

    There is a free and open source program called inkscape that can be used as well. However, on certain versions of the mac operating system it’s more tricky to get installed. I helped someone install it on their mac once and had to do some special things to get it to launch. Here’s a tutorial for getting inkscape to work on Mavericks:

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