Printable Labels | Vintage Apothecary


This set of printable vintage apothecary features white pine eucalyptol, special cough cure, elixir of quinine, white pine and wild cherry expectorant and white pine compound syrup. You get JPEG and PNG versions of these in black and white and an off white version. Just grab the downloads below. Also check out our other printable apothecary labels here and here.

Printable Labels | Vintage Druggist or Pharmacy Labels

Download Printable Labels | Vintage Apothecary

Original JPEG Download | B & W JPEG Download | Transparent PNG Download

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3 Responses to “Printable Labels | Vintage Apothecary”

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  1. Su Hall says:

    Thank you! I love these!


  2. Ted Lashley says:

    The PNG sheet from this set (#2) is actually a duplicate from the next set (#1) offered in your email… Is the correct PNG sheet available?

    Thanks for checking!


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