How to Use Patterns in Inkscape


If you’re not quite ready to make the commitment of buying commercial graphic design software such as  Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator, you can test the waters for vector editing with Inkscape free  graphic design program. Inkscape has many features comparable to what the pro’s use, and you can download it at Then just follow the steps below to use your own or use our recent pattern set and start designing!

How to use a pattern in inkscape

Inkscape has a few built in patterns, but you can  use your own or click here to use our  6 vintage vector patterns for this tutorial.

  1. Select Pattern Square with the select and transform tool. It looks like an arrow.
  2. Then go to Object>Pattern>Objects to Pattern.
  3. Create a rectangle or shape and select it
  4. Go to object>Fill and Stroke>Click on Pattern Icon

It’s that easy!




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