Vintage Royalty Free Images | Apothecary | Jaynes’ Balsam of Tar


Today we’re sharing a really neat vintage royalty free apothecary image, Jayne’s Balsam of Tar. Apparently it was a substance similar turpentine once used as a cough syrup. The label states that it is a “Rapid and certain cure for all diseases of the throat and lungs”. What bizarre products were used for medicinal purposes in the […]

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Lovely Stock Images - Vintage Frame Clip Art with Scrollwork :: Oh So Nifty Vintage Graphics ::

Lovely Stock Images – Vintage Frame Clip Art with Scrollwork

Grab these gorgeous stock images featuring vintage frame clip art with scrollwork. It’s a ornate design which can be utilized for making greeting cards, making printable tags or ATC cards. You may also use these images for crafting apothecary labels or for jewelry cards or tag design. JPEG Download | PNG Download | Stock Vector […]

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Vintage Apothecary Labels No. 3

Here’s the next batch of apothecary labels vintage clip art images. They are listed as: Peppermint, Castor Oil, Shrry Wine, Sweet Oil, Turpentine Spirits, Cinnamon, Lemon, Epsom Salts, Rye Whiskey and a couple of blank labels.  I decided to leave one of the unedited versions for those who would like to print them out as […]

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