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  1. Chelsea says:

    Thanks for adding me! I LOVE your site!!

  2. Alison Mary says:

    Found you on Pinterest, many thanks great site!

  3. Nina says:

    Merci pour le partage de ces merveilles !

  4. Candy says:

    Thank You SO MUCH for this wonderful website, and for the add!

  5. claudya guerr says:

    Thanks for the CU usage!

  6. rk says:

    You do have a fantastic site. I just have one comment if I may. I find it hard to find your latest graphics easily when I have already downloaded the previous ones. When I click on home, the posts are not dated and if there are no comments, I can’t tell where your latest posts are. Is there a better way for me to keep track of what you post? I guess subscription is one way? I already have that…thanks!

  7. Sue Legault says:

    Thanks for the wonderful images I have rec’d in your newsletters over the past couple of years. Time for me to go off and use them for making art and journals. I will recommend your site to others. Best of luck in the future.

  8. Beth says:

    Thanks for adding me : ) I love your site and great products! How does this work? When I signed up, it said you can get a certain # of products. I thought a link would be emailed to me possibly, or do I just look for things I like on the site? Sorry for the silly question, lol!

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